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The United States of America


Folly of Two Miniature Horse Farm

Impressible Minis

KayJay Farm Miniature Horses

LNL Mini Farm

Payne Farm

Pretty Pony Farm

Shady Oaks Miniature Horses



North Star Farms



Dragonflye Farms

GMR Acres

Heather Glen Miniature Horses

I Am Ranch

Jubilee Farms

Sparkle Plenty Ranch



B&H Miniature Horses

Erica's Tiny Trotters

Little Britches Farm

Mini-Go-Round Miniature Horses



American Made Miniatures

Bell's Miniature Horse Ranch

Big Leap Ranch

Black Mountain Miniature Horses

Darkside / Heirloom Miniatures

DeBruce Ranch
Double E Ranch

JCP Miniature Horses

Junior Bear Ranch

Kels and Kel

Lorill Ranch

Pacific Pintos
Painted H Ranch Miniature Horses
Sami's Lil Horse Ranch

Ranchland Acres

Sierra Ranch

Sonoita Highlands

Steppin' Out Miniature Horses

Tomahawk Ranch

Wesco Farms Miniature Horses

Willowist Miniature Horses



Desert Realm Miniature Horses

DreamKeeper Miniature Horses

Elk Run Ranch

Firewater Miniature Horses

Ghost Wind Farm

Harding's Living Legends

High Meadow Miniatures

Indian Peaks Miniatures

Lakota Ranch

Me-He Miniature Horses


Paladin Ranch

Prestige Petites Miniature Horses

San Juan Miniature Horses



At Last Miniatures

Crystal Ridge Miniature Horses

Oak Glen Miniature Horse Farm



Hill Family Miniatures

J&F Miniature Horses

Minners Little Miniatures

Reece Family Miniatures



Beloveds Farm

Castle Rock Falabellas and American Miniature Horses

Dent Family Miniature Horse Ranch

Dutch Dream Farm

Encore Farms

Gentle Carousel

Lancaster Miniature Horses

Little Friends Miniature Horses

Paradise Ranch
Royal Oak Farm Miniature Horses

Skylight Minis

Skywalker Miniature Horse Farm

Southern Breezes Miniature Farm

Sundance Oaks Miniature Horse Farm

Whispering Meadows Horse Ranch



Bowen's Ramblin Rose Miniature Horse Ranch

Butler Creek Stables

Carolyn's Lil Hoofs

Checkmate Miniature Horses

Fallen Star Ranch

Flying Colors Miniature Horses

Lewis Mill Ranch
Porterfield Farms

Raisin's Ranch

Tanglewood Farms



Kalopi Ranch



Bow Creek Miniatures

Cedar Creek Miniatures

Hill Creek Miniatures

Hyde Away Ranch

JD Diamond Acres

Rainbow Ridge Miniatures

Spirit Thunder Miniature Horses

Tapestry Miniature Horses



Amazing Sonrise Miniature Horses

Bryant's Miniatures

Frichnick Miniatures

Little Star Ranch, LTD

Shades of Blue Ranch

Son Spun Miniature Horses

Spotted Dreams Miniature Horse Farm

Toad Hill Miniature Horses

Toyland Falabellas International



Bella Bey Miniature Horse Farm

Ferrands Triple K Farms

Knapp's Knee-High Miniature Horses

Little King Farm

Richlynn Miniatures




Century Farm Miniature Arabian-Style Horses

Flint Co. Miniature Horses

GMR Miniatures

Herron Stables

Lakeview Miniatures

Lazy Creek Miniatures

Little Cedar Miniatures

Maple Hollow Farms

Rockin' Clip Clop Ranch

S Bar P Miniature Horses

Timberview Miniature Appaloosas



Alba Hurst Miniature Horse Ranch

Blue Sky Miniature Horses

DGR Minis

L&J Minis

Vali Mini Ranch

Windemere Minis



Centrepoint Miniature Horse Farm

Dreamchaser Miniature Horse Farm

DSB Farms

Hidden Hickories Farm

High Mountain QH & Miniatures

J&L's Little Treasures

JSW Farm

Little Pegasus Pastures

Mini Cedars Miniature Horse Farm

Sundancer Ranch Miniature Horses

Vickery Mini V



Belle Encore Farms

Hidden Hollow Farm

Nevils Mini Farm

Sun Valley Miniature Horses



Coopers Royal Heritage Farm

Roundabout Farm Miniatures



DRK Miniatures

Hopkins Heaven Sent Miniatures

Rocking Horse Acres

Valhalla Farm

White Tail Farm Miniature Horses



C Spots Farm

Cloverdale Miniatures

Oceans East Miniatures



Amore Miniatures

Aungst Acres

Bella Terra Acres

Dobsons Miniature Horses

Limited Edition Farm

Oatmeal Acre Miniature Horses

Pine Ridge Farm

Quarter Scale Farm

Snowberry Farm

Wayward Winds Miniature Horses

White Oak Miniature Horses



A&B Ranch

Amy's Critters

Circle R Miniature Horse Ranch


Enchanted Hollow Stables

Erickson Miniature Horses

Hilo Farm

MRZ Farms

Runaway Ranch

Toys Miniatures



AVA Miniatures - AVA

Canterbury Farm

Hurricane Acres
Raine Ranch

T and S Mini Ranch

Wickersham Miniatures



7S Miniature Horses

Antares Farm


Avalon Farm Miniature Horses

Butterfly Hills Farm

Hot Water Farm

Judkens IteBte Ranch

LTD Ranch

McDannald Show Horses

Mother Natures Ranch

New Day Miniatures

PALS Miniature Horses

Ridgerunners Miniature Horses



Burnin Daylight Miniature Horses

D&E Miniature Horse Ranch

Double Tree Miniatures

Magnificent Journey Miniatures

Rising Star Miniature Horses

Rivendell Miniature Horses

Silvertip Miniature Horses

Squires Montana Miniatures



Deven Creek Miniatures

LA Blues Minis

Loomis Farm

Outlaw Miniatures

Simply Painted

T's Miniature Horses

Wa-Full Farm



Drive Em Wild Ranch

Overland Trail Miniature Horse Farm


New Hampshire

Clear Brook Miniatures

Crescendo Acres

Frost Hill Farm

Mini Blessings Farm

Mocha Miniatures

PSIM Horses


New Jersey

Eagles Ring Miniature Horses

Magic Stars Miniature Horse Farm

Mystic Springs Miniatures

TrueJoy Miniatures


New Mexico

About Time Acres

Dawg House Ranch

Telquest Miniature Horses

Whispering Pines Miniature Horses


New York

Dawns Chase Farm

Dundee Miniature Horses

Frosted Creek Farm

Hannay Miniature Horse Farm

Hickory Springs Falabellas

Kateland Farm

Outback Miniature Horses

Tricetta Miniature Horses

Southwind Farm


North Carolina

Aloha Acres

Banks Miniature Horse farm

Blue Blazes Miniature Horses

Blue Chip Miniatures

Brookhaven Miniatures

Finchwood Farm

Green Creek Miniature Horses

Hummingbird Hill Farm

Infinity Stables

Kakos Happy Horses

Kaprikorn Minis

Little Hoofbeats Farm

Lucky Four Farms

Middle Creek Miniatures

Ravenwood Miniatures

Rosedown Farm

Shady Oaks Miniature Horses


North Dakota

4K's Miniature Horses

Broken M / New Horizons

Gravnings Mini Acres

Lucky Hart Ranch

Triple K Miniatures

Ventura Miniature Horse Farm



Blueprint Miniature Horse Farm

Chance of Gold Farm

Circle D Miniatures

Claruth Minikins

Diamond M Stables

Fallen Ash Farm

Flying W Farms

From the Heart Farm

Iona Farm

J.A. Miniatures

Misty Rose Miniature Horses

Oak Hollow Farm

Realitys Miniature Horses

Royal Miniature Horse Farm

Seven Oaks Farm

Thunder Valley Stables



Fallen Timbers Farm

Kilkenny Miniature Farm

Moondance Horse Farm

Mystic Rock Miniatures

ROKO Miniature Horses

Royal M Miniatures

Songcatcher Ranch

T-Town Miniature Horses

Tea Cup Stable

WeeOkie Farm Miniature Horses



Country Roads Miniatures


Foxglove Farm

Grandviews Mini Luxuries

Howard Stables

Hunterberry Hill

Miniature Ventures

Miracle Farm Miniature Horses

Oak Bay Acres

Pletcher Farms

Rocky Hill Miniature Farm

Scott Creek Farm

Stepping Stone Miniature Horses

Sundance LB



7th Heaven Horse Farm

Azariah Miniature Horses

Barefoot Miniature Horses

HOME of Prairie Views Little Joe Friday & Misty Rose Fable of Lexingon



Carmelites Mini Corral

Diva Valley Miniature Horse Farm

Eagles Nest Horse Corral

Full Circle Miniatures

Hidden Timber Ranch Miniature Horses

Indian Run Farms Miniature Horses

KDS Short Stuff Stables

Klassique Equine Miniatures

Land of Little Horses

Mystic Miniatures

Opal Woods Farm Miniature Horses

Rocky Pine Acres Miniature Horses

Samples Majestic Miniatures

SHF Miniature Horses

Silver Lining Miniatures

Southwind Acres

Sunny Side Stables, LLC


Rhode Island


South Carolina

Blue Sky Ranch Miniature Horses

MiniStuf Miniatures


South Dakota

Blood Run Miniature Horses

Bonde's Bouncin' B Acres

RCW Miniature Horses

SOS Sales & Services

Valley View Farm



Castle Rock Miniature Horses

Cygnet Farm Miniature Horses

DD Mini Farm

Irish Hills Farm

McBay's Miniature Horse Training Center

Mt. View Farm Miniature Horse Farm

River Mist

Villas Rainbow Miniatures

W W Miniature Horse Farm



Alliance Training Center

Amber Oaks Farm

Applecreek Farms

Aristocratic Miniature Horses

Baer Creek Mini Farm

Cherryville Farms

Dos XX Miniature Horses

First Knight Miniatures

Fowlers Hill Country Miniatures

Freedom Hill Farm

Glen Oaks Miniatures

Limestone Miniature Horses

Little America Miniature Horses

Los Arboles Miniature Horse Farm

Lorien Acres

Lucky L Farm

Minis & Friends

Miown Stone Ponies

Olympian Ranch Miniature Horses

Pecan Grove Farm

Quarter Moon Farm

Rocking C Miniature Horse Ranch

Sandy Oaks Ranch

Sequoia Ranch

Shenandoah Miniature Training and Foaling Center

Star Fire Ranch

Stars Miniatures

Sunset Mountain Miniatures

Texas Angels Miniatures

Wild Oak Farm Miniature Horses




Black Ridge Miniatures

Cameo Paints Miniatures

Magic Mist Miniatures

Tender Hearts Ranch





Cheery Acres Miniature Horses

CK Ranch

Flying W Ranch

Happy Times Farm

Hollars Mini Acres

Holly Lane Farm

Little Wonder Horse Farm

Dundee Miniature Horses

My Ark Farm

Shadow Moss Farm

Standing Ovation Miniatures

Timeless Miniature Horses



Aleluia Training Center

Cloke Training Stables

Columbia Miniature Horse Farm

Dayspring Farm

Flying G Farm

Little Hooves

Quail Run Miniatures

Red Rail Farm Miniatures

Sonneybrier Farms

Thistle Fields Miniature Horse Farm

Triple Heart Ranch

Winsome, Etc.


West Virginia

A Model Miniatures

Cedar Fields Miniature Horses

Knight Hawke Miniatures

Mini Wonders Farm

Mountain Spring Miniatures

Three Arrows Champagne Acres

Willow Springs Farm



A B Ranch

Angelheart Farm

Clarks Hooves & Feathers

Cobblecreek Farms

Dusty Lane Miniatures

Horse'n Around Miniatures

Leyden Acres

Mini Horseshoe Acres

Oak Park Miniatures

Fantasy Corral

Forest Glen Miniatures

Triple 7 Farm

Whispering Leaf Ranch

Zephyr Woods Farm


Hilliard Horses to Hug

Little Hoof Ranch



Amaretto Miniature Show Horses - Alberta

Applebrook Minis - Ontario

Birchcliffe Minis - Ontario

Carriage Court Stables - BC

Circle J Miniatures - Alberta

Double D Miniatures - Saskatchewan

Field of Blessings - Manitoba

Goulding Acres Miniature Horses - Ontario

Hale Farms Miniature Horses - Ontario

Hawkhill Miniature Horses - Alberta

High Rock Miniature Horses - Ontario

Jolie's Miniature Horses - Ontario

Keill Miniature Horses - Ontario

Kokanee Ranch - BC

Little Bit Miniatures - Alberta

Little L Acres - Alberta

Lombard Farms - BC

Marana Farms - Alberta

Meadowind Miniatures - Manitoba

Nixon Hills Farm - Ontario

Ramblin Ranch - Alberta

Running Rebel Miniature Horses - Ontario

San Sujo Farm - BC

Savagemoor Miniature Horses - Ontario

Showtyme Miniatures - Alberta

Sweetdreams Miniatures - Ontario

Vista Valley Miniature Horses - BC

Wet Rock Miniature Farms - Ontario

Whispering Hills Miniature Horse Farm - Alberta




South America


United Kingdom & Ireland
Ballykeppogue Miniature Horses - Ireland
Celticmist Miniature Horses - Ireland

Hailstone Miniature Horses
Manhattan Stud - Ireland

Pandoras Miniatures

Pithill Paddocks American Miniature Horses
Summer Rose Miniature Horses - Ireland

Turra Lodge Farm - Ireland


Europe & More

Aa Creek Ranch - Germany

Alana Miniatures - The Netherlands

Alsira American Miniature Horses - Belgium

DCK Miniatures - Belgium

Del Sastre American Miniature Horses - Germany

Dream Team Miniature Horses - The Netherlands

EBF Miniatures - France

Gallehojgard Miniature Heste - Denmark

Gestut Moritzberg - Germany

Highlight Miniatures - Denmark

Ieniemienie Miniature Horses - Belgium

Ipsa Stables - Belgium

Kingswood Horse Farm - The Netherlands

La Luna Miniature Horses - Belgium

Made in Spain - Spain

Mini Heaven - Belgium

Miniatures De May - Belgium

MJ Horses - The Netherlands

Royal Farrington Miniature Horses - Belgium

Royal Supreme Miniature Horses - Belgium

Silver Spring Farm - The Netherlands

Stal Heijden - The Netherlands

Stal't Lindehof - Belgium

Stutteri Teglmosen - Denmark

Suydt Hoek - The Netherlands

SWG Miniature Horses - Belgium

TF Miniatures - The Netherlands

Tikitano Farm - Czech Republic

Windroses Miniature Horses - Belgium

Zirbenhof - Austria



Kerilly Park


New Zealand

Achnacarry Miniature Horse Stud

Bayview Miniature Horses

Dreamcatcher Miniature Horse Stud

Faylaur's Farm

Hollywood Miniature Horses

Maungatua Miniature Horses

Misty Ridge Miniature Horses

NZ Mini-Whinny Miniature Horse Stud

Pinehaven Miniature Horses

Razyana Miniature Horse Stud

Ridgewood Miniature Horses

Riverview Miniature Horse Stud

Sheokes American Miniature Horses

Summerlea Miniature Horse Stud

Miniature Horse Goods & Services

Eden Tack & Tails - Canada

Running Creek Mini Tack

Star Lake Tack


Miniature Horse Clubs

AIMHCNZ, Inc. - New Zealand

Arkansas Miniature Horse Society

ASPC/AMHR Area 6 Club

ASPC/AMHR Club of North Texas

ASPC/AMHR Club of Western Michigan

Aukland Miniature Horse Club, Inc. - New Zealand

BC Miniature Horse Clubs - BC, Canada

Blue Water Miniature Horse Club - MI

Bluegrass Miniature Horse Club - KY

Breeding Association for the Miniature Horse of Denmark

Central Texas Miniature Horse Club - TX

Evergreen Miniature Horse Club - WA

Heartland Miniature Horse Club - KS

Idaho Miniature Horse Club

IKI Miniature Horse Club - IN, KY, IL

Imperial Miniature Horse Club - United Kingdom / Europe

Indiana Miniature Equine Club

International Club for American Miniature Horses

Interstate Miniature Horse Club - ID, UT

Kentucky Miniature Horse Breeders Club, Inc.

Keystone Miniature Horse Club - Eastern PA

Land of Enchantment Miniature Horse Club - NM

Mason-Dixon Miniature Horse Club - PA, MD

Miniature Horse Association of Arizona

Miniature Horse Club of Great Britain

Miniature Horse Club of Ontario

Mid-America Miniature Horse Club

Minnesota Miniature Horse Club

Montana's Treasure State Miniature Horse Club

Mountain West Miniature Horse & Shetland Owners - UT

New England Miniature Horse Society

New Zealand Miniature Horse Association, Inc.

Norcal Miniature Horse Club - CA

Northeast Wisconsin Miniature Horse Club

Northwest Miniature Horse Club - WA, OR

Oklahoma Miniature Horse Club

Old Dominion Miniature Horse Club -VA

Orange Blossom Miniature Horse Club - FL

Rocky Mountain Miniature Horse Club - CO


Peach State Miniature Horse Club - GA

Saguaro State Shetland & Miniature Horse Club - AZ

San Antonio Miniature Horse Club - TX

South Dakota Miniature Equine Club

Southern Miniature Horse Confederation - AL, LA, MS

Tennessee Miniature Horse Volunteers

Treasure State Miniature Horse Club - MT

Tri-State Miniature Horse Club - OH, PA

Waikato Miniature Horse Club - New Zealand

Western Canadian Miniature Horse Club

Yankee Miniature Horse Club - NH


Miniature horse Therapy & Rescue


Miniature Horse Registries

American Miniature Horse Association

American Miniature Horse Registry

Falabella International Preservation Society

Falabella Miniature Horse Association

International Champagne Horse Registry
Irish Miniature Horse Association

PtHA Pinto Horse Association of America, Inc.


Miniature Horse Photography

Arare Photography

Liz McMillan USA

Mini Equine Photography

Stuart Vesty Photography


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